Saturday, August 29, 2009

Biological Bases (Week 3) Hello Dolly et al

Science and humankind has entered a new era with the discovery of the ability to clone large mammals. Quite recently human DNA has been inserted in a cloned sheep adding to the interest in this topic. Go to and explore the site. This may take sometime but, it will allow you to answer some interesting questions. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but take the time to think and then write about the following:

1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?


  1. 1. Honestly I don't believe so. When you start cloning humans, you're trying to play God.
    2."Playing God", genetic diversity, overpopulation, reproduction etc.
    3. Yep. I mean we're already like 4896148164614786 billion dollars in debt, why add more unless it's something that's very important.
    4. Heck no. I don't think the world could handle two Amber Stantons. Plus I'd be pretty upset if my clone was more attractive than myself. Haha.

    So by the way that website didn't work on my laptop... so I answered these questions from my knowledge gained from controversial issue debates in public speaking last year ! Sorry :(

  2. The website would not work on the schools computer. so I'm going to try and answer these questions to the best of my ability! :/

    1. Well studing about cloning in Biology last year i must say that i dont see a huge harm in attempting cloning. but I wouldnt say it should be the US's prority.
    2.I agree with Amber. Genetic Diversity, Overpopulation, Reproduction, and possible genetic problems.
    3.I would not say to fully stop funding, because if it is mastered it could lead to totally new changes, but again it should not be the US prority. We have bigger more important things to worry about now while in debt.
    4. I would consider it, but i would never do it. Taylor Lindsey Steele is TOO totally awesome, the world wouldnt be able to handle this much beastly-ness!! :]] BAMF!

  3. The website did not work on my laptop, so I'm going to answer these questions the best I can.

    1.) I would have to say no, because I feel it is starting to play God.
    2.)It plays God, And people & animals would start to get over poplulated. And, many other issues.
    3.)I would say yes, because our economy is in debt right now, and coloning isn't something that's really that important.
    4.)No, I wouldn't consider doing that,(:

  4. The link would not work, so I am going to try to answer the questions without using it.

    1) I do not think that we should attempt to clone a human, because, I do not think we should play God.
    2) Some ethical issues with animal and human cloning are; we are already getting overpopulated in certain areas in the world, so I do not think we need to make more people. I also do not think playing God is right.
    3) The US government should stop funding basic cloning research, because, we are already in enough debt.
    4) No, I would not consider cloning myself, because, I do not want there to be another me.

  5. 1. Um. Yeah? Cloning a human would be an amazing scientific breakthrough. Imagine the possibilities that could come about after cloning a human. I mean come on.
    2. It's ethical enough just because we can do it. Playing God? LOL. If you're looking at it that way, let me just say this. God gives and God takes right? So if we're "playing God" and we have the ability to clone a human/animal doesn't that give us every right "God" has to take said life? Yeah, it does.
    3. No. Seriously why would we NOT fund something so incredible such as CLONING A HUMAN come on people.
    4. Sure. Cloning myself would be dope. However, another me probably wouldn't be to great on the world =/

    You people need to think outside the box, throw away you're so called ethics and imagine what could be. Cloning another human being would be absolutely amazing. I bet that if cloning humans was around and used for spare organs for the "original copy" (you) and you somehow down the road are in a life/death situation where another organ that could come from a clone were available and would save you're life, you're ethics would be flushed down the toilet in a second and you'd be well on your way to the hospital to get that organ put in you're body.

  6. 1 I honestly don't believe we should clone people or anything. God made us not as duplicates but as a individual, and I just flat out think its wrong. I think cloning animals is wrong because they have just as much feeling as humans but they can't speak against being cloned. The government shouldn't fund this research because we have bigger problems in the world financially and that money could be put to better use. I would never consider allowing my body to be used as a scientific experiment because you have to think about possiable side effects and the long term effects.

  7. 1.)For the purpose of research. maybe. its not right to bring a life into this world just for the purpose of science. but taking what you knew about cloning, you could do things like making it possible for same sex marriages to have children. so that might be good. but cloning a human would lead to bad things, because people as a whole are generally not good.

    2.) Genetic diversity, morals, misuse of this knowledge.

    3.)there's too much to consider. when I think Cloning I think Stem Cell Research. and to me, Stem Cell Research is important. I think cloning is wrong, basically because I can't think of a necissary reason for someone to be cloned. people will end up cloning human beings to birth children that will only be used to harvest organs. its not right. Clones would be actual people with actual souls. not just an animated reproduction of someones DNA. there's just alot to consider.

    4.) No. I have no need for a clone. I might as well just have a child.

  8. 1) i dont think it is a good idea to clone humans because we have enough people and what if it is dangerous i mean what if they missed something with dolly that could be harmful to us.
    2)there are some ethical questions you need to ask when cloning like is it safe, could this be harmful, etc.
    3)i dont really know if we should stop cloning but if we continue cloning we should do more experiments before we move onto humans.
    4)i dont think i would clone myself one because we dont need another me and to whats the point.

  9. 1.) No weshouldn't becuase, in my opinion, i don't think cloning is right. The animal or human will not be able to do think or feel the things that original animals or humans do.
    2.) i agree with the "playing God" thing its not our job to create more people who are just going to differ from us a lot.
    3.) yes they should there nooo real purpose for it, just like other meanigless research done everyday. all it does is waste money that could be going to important thing like finding a cure for cancer or aids or going to a charity or organization.
    4.) Definatley not, there is no point, all of these scientist are just doing it to say "look what i did" that all no one has the right to create another person, in my opinion. :)

  10. Heyyyy there. The site did not work on my computer as well, so I'll answer these questions based on my best ability. (:

    1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    - That's a loaded question. Baha. It's contriversial (spellcheckkk!) topic. Honestly, I don't think we should. I mean we have 2545645123456456 people. It's getting too crowded, too populated. Not that I don't love people, but our planet can only hold so much! But then again, if we had clones, we could use them as soliders and we wouldn't have to see people suffer deaths. It defeats the purpose of sacrifice, really; but some people would like that idea that their 4 sons won't die in combat and can have them home for Thanksgiving, and such.

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
    - Ethical? Hm. When you start to create and mold and re-shape people; you kinda start to play god, and no one on this earth should have that power for personal use.

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
    - Seeings how we are in a TERRIBLE! finicial crisis and we owe aloottttt of money and this is not only my generation, but many others; I would say not necessarily stop it in its tracks, but put it on hold for 20 years or so.

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?
    - Hm. I wouldn't really want to clone myself. That'd be like having a twin who is like me. Only not with the same personality and such? Kinda odd. And what if I married someone who ended up liking my clone better than me!? That would suck. So, no. This planet only needs one Christine Manapat.

  11. 1)Definitely not, if they are able to clone a human once, they will do it again, and again, and again.

    2)The ethical considerations are that we shouldn't try to clone anything. Cloning, creating life synthetically, is unethical.

    3)Yes, there is no reason or need for it. It is a waste of money, but who cares, right?

    4)No, no no no nonononononono.

  12. 1. I really don't think we should clone humans, but if we did we could use their ograns to help us live longer.
    2. The ethics behind cloning we be that we as humans are playing God, and creating life that wasnt born.
    3. No, there would be a reason for it be we could use it in Health Care
    4. No i wouldn't clone myself

  13. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    No , humans should not have the power to be God, if science allowed us to create humans people would loose their faith and who no where scienc eowuld leed us next we have to know when to quit.
    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
    There is no ethical considerations to cloning anything espicall humans once they are created they are alive and have rights cloning is un natural . If science can clone humans , next it wil be they can modify and change thing to fit the way they see society should be .
    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?
    No I would never clone myself no to people are a like , the clone may look lkike me but it would not act like me.....

  14. 1) I dont think we should attempt to clone a human. theres a reason why theres only one of each of us.
    2) It just shouldnt be done. Its tampering with logic of life.
    3) Yes, no one really cares about it. Its a creation to help people like hitler (in his time) to clone themselves and become leader of everyone.
    4) Heck no...there will only be one of me. If they made me choose between cloning myself or die, i choose die. People are unique and special thats why theres only one of them.

  15. 1.I personally do not believe it is ethical to clone a human, no I’m not close minded, like some child was saying about others who disagreed with this, but if you clone a human, then essentially you have created another life, and then what? Would we use this life to help the cloned individual? If that said individual needed a body part, we could just use the clones? I think that is unethical. It’s murder.
    2.I don’t really think there are so many ethical considerations towards the cloned individual as there are for the clone. Again, what would these creatures be used for besides spare parts? Animal clones would only be used for food, and again that is just plain murder. Just like in using animals for experiments and food, we don’t think how these creatures feel, if science created cloned humans would we have the same concepts? To me it sounds like that movie Island.
    3.I don’t want to sound close minded. I do think science is important for humans to continue our being, or whatever. But, the main question is why. The question is why do we need these said clones? Other than the fact that America can say “Ooo I made a clone,” they are pretty pointless. I’m pretty sure people with feelings wouldn’t even think twice about killing an innocent so they can survive. If that’s a lie then I guess I’ve lost all faith in humanity.
    4.I highly doubt it.

  16. 1.)No i dont believe we should i think its unethical to do that
    2.)Because people are trying to play god by cloning.
    3.)Yes i dont think they should be able to clone i would rather them test on animals i dont really see the need for clones
    4.)No i mean when i was a kid i wished i could have a twin but, not a clone i just dont think that person that would come out of the clone would be normal.

  17. Okay the site wouldn’t work on my laptop either or the school’s computers, so here I go.

    1)The reason the cloning is so controversial is because of the moral considerations. I agree that it would be like playing God but it should be the individual’s decision. Not everybody in the world believes in God.

    2)Cloning is usually considered unethical because it is hard to image that a mother would love a clone of her kid, it is much different than having twins. Plus I believe that many people would clone just for the organ donning possibilities. If we could just clone organs, then I would be on board. But as the constitution says, all men are created equal, not born. So would the clone have the same rights as a person and how would we pay for the upkeep of the extra criminals that would come of the clones. Or how would we create more jobs when we don’t even have enough now?

    3)I believe that we are far to in debt to create a program to research this but if one already exists, do we want to take away those jobs. Plus we are constantly playing catch up with other countries to maintain our power and control. Would we want to risk our position in the world by giving up on research of everything that would be considered controversial?

    4)I would never clone my self just for the simple fact that I don’t want to play God, I think it is up to God to create life. But this is just for me and I would not limit somebody else’s decisions for my own beliefs. Everybody in the world is entitled to their own decisions. I believe as long as you state your point and try not to convert others to your side all the time, you can air your opinions without being oppressive.

  18. 1.Based on my knowledge from AP Biology we should not clone humans because when something is cloned it is practically an "old" newborn.
    2.Overpopulation and genetic diversity
    3.Yes, there is no need for clones because there really isn't much use for them.
    4.No, my clone wouldn't come out as the 17 year old me but a baby with all the wear of being a young adult which wouldn't be cool

  19. 1. No, Cloning humans is inhumane and shouldn't be a part of our technological advances.
    2. Cloning would be financially expensive and it would result in less genetic diversity.
    3. Yes, the government should most definitely stop funding "basic research" for cloning. Cloning is unethical, and providing money for such a worthless concept is a waste, considering money is needed for much more important possibilities.
    4. I would never consider cloning myself; the thought of cloning myself kind of 'freaks' me out.

  20. 1. i dont agree with cloning a human because it would be like going against God. I mean what is the clone for, another person living just because of some experiment. i mean this person would have no reason on this earth besides being a science experiment.
    2. "playing god", and plain out, i agree with some of the others, its ridiculous and just shouldnt be done. if god wanted it here, then he would put it here.
    3. i definately think that they should stop cloning. It has no purpose and its stupid. What are these "fake" people used for besides research. I mean our country is already a bagillion dollars in debt and here we are trying to add some more people to our population, who dont need to be here. These clones would be like robots, and then they would take over the world that is ours. There are many better things that our money can be used for, rather than this ridiculous research.
    4. Never!! I think that it is stupid and pointless. Plus i like myself and i dont want another person EXACTLY like me. It would defeat the purpose of me being me. Plus that is just plain out freaky.

    And on a further note, there are some people on this blog that i completely disagree with. CLoning is not an awesome scientific break through. Actually its pretty pathetic that we are funding something so pointless and stupid when our own country is in debt. It is ridiculous. And we dont need to throw away our ethics because we could use organs from cloans! That is stupid, and that is why you have organ donors. Plus it doesnt give us the right to produce new life or take it. So that is my opinion on the issue :))

  21. um personally i think cloning is kinda werid because whats the point of doing it.and what really makes me go against it, is the fact that there kindof going against god if you think about it or maybe im just taking it to seriously and the amount of money thats being lost/wasted over this.and no i really would never consider cloning myself because its just werid and if god wanted someone to look like me he would of gave me a twin...
    but thats just my thoughts
    imani glaze.

  22. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    To keep it simple, no. I guess I can see why it would be appealing in the sense that it could save lives for those who die while waiting on donor lists but it seems practically the same as for say, women birthing children to supply organs for patients which I'd imagine would be shot down ratherly quickly as "unethical".

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
    Aside from playing God the fact that we're creating creatures of our will to do with as we please. Chances are slim that clones would be given rights as a person but instead a copy to benefit ourselves.

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
    Might be a good idea if they enjoying being debt and recession free. They should put the money where its needed and stop trying to be the first at everything.

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?
    No, I'll leave that experience to the fools who worship science.

  23. Shelby Davis:
    1. I don't think scientist should clone a human!
    2. To me cloning is kind of like playing god. And when the animals are cloned, what kind of life do they live? It doesn't seem like they'd live a meaningfull life, just seen as experiments.
    3. I think funding for cloning should stop because the money could go to better things. Shouldn't waste money on something that is in a since inmoral. The money could go to things that help humanity more.
    4. I would never consider cloning myself. I am who I am and theres no point in it. Just a waste of time.

  24. 1. Cloning is not making the same person again. Cloning is the formation of an organism with the same physical characteristics but a different soul. This would be an entirely different person. The only reason to clone a human would be to perform tests on it. It would be wrong to do this and no scientist would have a kid born the normal way just to have it spend its life as a lab rat.
    2. Cloning of a person is wrong as I specified in my previous answer. The cloning of an animal is similar to that of a human in that it isn't the same animal. This could serve a purpose in that research done on cloned DNA can lead to advancements in science that save the lives of many people.
    3. Funding should not be pulled. The basic research of cloning can lead to advancements in and of itself. The basics don't necessarily mean the actual cloning of fully living organism. Simpler cells can be cloned in order to find ways to restore lost tissues and nerve cells. Pulling this funding could lead to the loss of many human lives.
    4. I wouldn't consider cloning myself because it would serve no purpose. The creation of people should be done the way God specified. The only reason for me to clone myself would be for research and like I said, no human being should be subject to being a lab rat for their entire life.

  25. 1. No! One of the main reasons scientists want to clone humans is so that when the "real" human is sick and needs a heart transplant, they can just take the clones. There's so many ethical controversies that would come into play. Can you imagine if you were the so-called clone and only lived so you could give parts of yourself to the "real" you? These clones would technically be people can't just take away their rights...or their body parts for that.
    2. Obviously like everyone else has mentioned, over population is a big one. Would we consider them U.S. citizens? And if we did, would they get the same rights as us? Chances are slim since they want to use them to harvest organs and such by our will, not theirs.
    3. No, I think this kind of research has potential to do a lot of great and beneficial things. But where do we cross the line between saving lives and taking them?
    4. Never.

  26. 1. I don't agree with clonging. I think we should just let things happen naturally the way they should instead of trying to be in control of everythin.
    2. Possible genetic problems, humans being in control over the "production" of living things, over population.
    3. I think they should. I think the topic is too contraversial for much of anything to come out of it. I think too many people disagree with it to let it happen.
    4. No, i would never try to clone myself. I was put on this earth to live one life and if I don't accomplish that it is my own fault. I deffinatly wouldn't ever clone myself. (:

  27. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    I don't think so..
    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
    It would alter genetics and things like that
    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
    I think the U.S. should keep funding it because cloning could also lead to good things
    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?
    no way, one of me is enough

  28. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?
    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?
    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?

    1. no i dont think humans should be cloned.
    2.cloning may cause harm 2 the animal or human. because i think it would be okay 2 clone some things just not anything living.
    4. i would think about it but i probably wouldn't do it.

  29. 1) I think there are some postitves and negatives about cloning humans.
    2) Negative- If we cloned humans they wouldnt be able to think or feel like original humans.
    It would also put us and our country more in debt than we already are.
    3) Positive- We could cloned humans and find out things for research. And we could clone humans for military forces.

  30. 1 we should not attempt to clone anything that is wrong we aren't god
    2 what if somthing goes wrong and who would set guidlines on cloning the goverment?
    3 into cloning stem cells no but animals and humans that is wasting tax payer money why not fix social security
    4 never i love myself and a clone would not be as cool or as cynical as me heck it might be a nice person but not me!

  31. 1. i think that we should attempt to clone a human to see how it reflects the original
    2. the ethical considerations for cloning animals and humans would be slim to none. not everyone wants someone around that looks just like them. and the clone will lack everything of the original.
    3. yes i think the government should stop funding cloning because if God wanted two of the object being cloned then he would have made two from the beginning
    4. yes i would personally consider cloning myself becuase ive always wanted a twin, plus i would love to see how it would act adn how people would react to it.

  32. Okay students, You all have strong opinions on this topic. It is the first time I have posted this in a blog. We do need to remember however that even though we may disagree with someone; we CANNOT and WILL NOT personally attack each other. Just because someone does not agree with you does not mean he/she is wrong or right. You are welcome at any point to say, "I disagree with many of my classmates because..." or "I agree with many classmates because...." Remember that in your blogging contracts you agreed to follow the rules of the school and keep a respectful tone. I expect that from everyone.

  33. no we shouldn't attempt to clone a human.
    its wrong i don't think god intended on that.
    yes its wrong its like trying to be jesus and resurrect someone.
    no i wouldn't consider cloning myself.

  34. i dont think that we should attempt to clone humans.
    it could cause harm.
    some things are ok to clone but not all things.

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  36. 1) personally i am stuck in between cause i dont think we should clone humans unless it could like save someones life or something like that but that probably is very rare.

    2) there are some question that we should take into consideration like would this cause harm to the human or would this cause harm to the society like over population?? etc.

    3) i think that the government should cut funding for cloning to a limit cause i mean we have some families that are struggle to put food on the table and the government could use some of that money for people in need. so if someone wants to clone themselves they should have to come up with at least half of the funds

    4) personally i wouldn't clone myself just to do it now if i needed it to live or something maybe but like i said early that probaly is rare

  37. 1. I do not believe in we should be cloning anything, much less a human. I understand that people and scientists alike are trying to find ways to live longer, but whats so horrible about dieng? Heaven is a better place to be and if you're not going there then thats your own problem.
    2. Acting like God, giving humans the power to not only control what comes into this world but they coul possibly atler the DNA. Over population is another one.
    3. Yes, there are much more important things that we as a nation could be spending our money on. We're in dept but yet we find it absolutely necessary to waste money on this.
    4.No I wouldnt consider it at all. When its my time to go then so be it. I'll be in a better place than the world we live in today.

  38. 1) i would have to say no, were created as individuals and science shouldn't have a role in creating people...

    2)The human/animal that would be cloned wouldn't live as long as a normal human/animal would.

    3) i dont think they should stop the funding completely... but i dont see the importance of cloning, so maybe lowering the funds.

    4)deffinitely not!

  39. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?

    No, I think it is eternally wrong, I do not care what the reason for the actual cloning at all. It's not my swagg.

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?

    Well, it goes against my personal morals, so..
    I mean, it's kind of nerve recking to me, because I don't believe any human should EVER have the power to create another being by scientific study or experiments on animals/humans.

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?

    Bahah!..President Clinton..I'm not quite sure if they should actually stop the funding all together..but I wouldn't keep doing it, it's difficult for me to explain. It's just wrong to me, I don't like the idea of creating animals like that, or the Liger, or whatever crossbreed there might be out there. To me it's like destroying God in a sense, and I'm not for that. Whatsoever.

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?

    I would never consider cloning myself. I wouldn't want someone else just like me, I like being the only person like cousin Ethan would clone himself. He told me so, just a couple of minutes ago, infact he's reading this as I type it..he's 9. He thinks it would be really cool. But no, I would not clone myself, or think about it..if someone isn't born with a twin, they're most definitly not meant to have one, much less create one themselves. It's shady and unrighteous. To an extreme.

  40. I couldn't figure out how to make an account, but it's all good now. The link wouldn't work off either of my computers at home, so I'm running off of morals now:


    A: Yes.

    ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪


    A: I'm fairly apathetic towards the animals, but humans are another thing entirely. If we could clone a fully functioning human, should we?...No. One Karen Stacey, or Tiffany Hall is enough for the world. ^^" If it came out brain dead/comatic, then I would be more lenient. "Donor bags," if you know what I mean.

    ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪


    A: With the current deficit and whatnot, I don't think the State should make it an issue at all. But at the same time, I know democracy; you shelve an issue, and it never comes back. This would put a questionable issue at the hands of the unintelligent masses. So, I, I wouldn't cut/stop the funding.

    ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪


    A: No. As afore mentioned, one Karen is bad enough. Not as a full being. If I could use it/clone back up organs, then heck to the yeah, I would.

  41. 1. I really don't care either way if humans are cloned or not. people are going to do what they want to do.
    2. the cloned human/animal could have genetic problems. I honestly don't care about the medical breakthroughs, because the world is already overpopulated enough. coming up with all of these "miracle treatments" isn't helping with that issue.
    3. i suppose they should. it's all a little pointless to me.
    4. if it were a fully functioning, completely awesome little me, i might. but probably not, i'd just have some little babies of my own.

  42. 1)No I don't think humans should be cloned. I think it is cruel and inhumane to clone people just so that parts can be harvested from them. Also I think that it goes against God to try and create a human being in test tube.
    2) The cloned being could have all kinds of problems. It could also have devasting emotional effects on the other people around it.
    3)Yes the government should not be spending money on trying to clone animals/humans especially when we're supposed to be in debt. There are much more reasonable ways to spend money.
    4)No I would definitely not have myself cloned. I am against hypocripsy and I try to practice what I preach.

  43. 1. I don't personally think we should clone a human, I completely support cloning individual organs to replace lost or damaged ones, But I believe that our world is too overpopulated as it is, and cloning humans is just adding insult to injury.
    2. There are alot of ethnic ideas one should consider when cloning, for instance what rights
    would a clone have, Do they think and feel? will they be sentient? do they have a soul? I think in cloning someone or something we open up and entire can of controversial worms that i'm sure we couldn't handle.
    3. NO! I think the US should however contribute less money than they already do, and I believe that they should dictate more specifically how the research should be executed.
    4. I would not consider cloning my self, because it would not hold any benifits, the clone would be a second being, holding the same needs as my self, also that brings forth another question, If I initiate a cloning of my self, who's responsible for the clone? Me? My parents? The scientist?, who's responsible for the new being?

  44. I know I'm probably too late to recieve a grade for this blog, but I've been in and out of a fever all weekend so all I've done is sleep! I'll do this anyway, though.

    1.) Such a controversal topic! It could bend either way, actually. But my personal opinion? I don't think so. Just for the sake that our world is already overpopulated as it is. And many things could go wrong. And if things did, what would scientists do? Euthanize them? Not giving that clone a chance to live if they somehow turn out wrong?

    2.)A cloned being, whether animal or human, could have numerous things wrong with them. And if a human were to later find out that they were actually a clone of someone, how exactly would they feel? Or would they not even have a chance to go out and experience the world simply because they are a cloned being? Just a couple things to think about.

    3.)I think so, yes. Use the money for more useful things. Things that would better benefit and have better results. Cloning isn't a necessity to our everyday lives.

    4.)Oh, no. I think if I met me, I wouldn't like me very much. I'm one for individuality and I feel as though cloning me wouldn't benefit anything.

  45. 1.) No, i dont think we should, things could go very wrong and it would be a total waste of money in my opinion!
    2.)overpopulation, reproduction, side effects, and it would be like playing God honestly bc your making people how you want them to be.
    3.)yes, they should, we are in debt already and like i said before, its a total waste.
    4.)no, probably not, i like being the one and only me, and im sure my family couldnt handle two of me!

    i may be too late to get a grade but ive been out of the house and away froma computer the past few days, sorry!

  46. i dont think we should clone humans or aniamls. If there was suppose to be two of us then god would of made two of us. The government shouldnt waste any money on this there is more important thing we should be worrying about. I would never clone myself because there is only suppose to be one of me. If there was suppose to be two of me god would of let my parents have twins.

  47. it depends on what we use the cloning for theres goods and bads that can come out of it so im on the maybe side, people say that there trying to play god but hey if god gave us the ability and capability of doing something like cloning then its not playing god i mean its something that might seem something that a regular person shouldnt do but we can, like i said before im on the maybe side so i dont know, i might consider cloning myself i think it would be cool but theres also down sides to that so also no.

  48. nope, i dont think we should clone anyone. especially not a human! and i dont think the government should spend money on cloning funds..this is a dumb idea i think.

    and heckk no i wouldnt make a clone of myself!!! what if it looked better than me ?!?

  49. I believe that cloning humans would be good for the scientific community but other than that i dont think we should.

    i think that it would cause problems with social security and the world would become to populated

    i believe they should. i think reproduction is a better way to create life.

    i would never clone myself. i think it is completely inethical.

  50. 1.) I believe that we should try to clone a human, that way we may find out many different ways of treating things in the medical field. Though I do believe that when a person is cloned that they aren't nessisarily the same as the cloning on the cartoons or si-fi movies. They have their own rights as a human being, and if they don't want to be tested on then they don't have to. It would bring the medical field into higher knowledge if we were able to some how construct a way to clone a human. Though if you really do think about it, its like having a twin if your going to clone someone, then that person has a twin, not from birth, but if you really truly think about it. Its like finding out you had a twin after how ever long you have been living, the clones have the same rights, just like people who are twins have the same rights as their other twin.

    2.) When cloning animals or a human, you have to consider the fact that there is a chance that it could fail, and you also have to consider the fact that they aren't going to be just like you are. They are not an exact replica of you, due to the fact that their brain is theirs, and so is their personality. You aren't making them the way you want them to be, you're not making them do anything, because they have their own mind, and thought processes. Their is a chance their may be a defect in the clone, but if you look at who you cloned them from, it really doesn't matter. People could be cloned and put into different enviroments, or they could be put into the same ones, either or, you will have a different reaction from both of them no matter what you do.

    3.) I don't think that we should stop funding the research for cloning, because if you really truly think about it, there are people out there that may have been badly burnt or have some kind of skin disorder and they need it to where they have skin. Then having it to where cloning research is avaliable then it makes it easier for people who have those needs to be able to have a second chance at something. Just like cloning a organ or a hand or anything, it could help medical researchers understand more about cloning for the better to save lives, and possiably be able to stop shortages of certain organs in the hospitals, to save lives faster and more carefully, expecually if they clone it from your body.

    4.) I would consider cloning myself, but the situation really depends on what's going on at that moment. I wouldn't clone myself just to make my clone into some huge science project like research, but if its for a different reason then I would. The different reason being that they are wanting to understand the brain process of my clone, and then they promise to let my clone have a choice in it, then I would. As long as my clone has the same human rights as I do as an individual, and not some science experiment, I would gladly do that, that way they can understand more about cloning. I also wouldn't just have my clone and leave my clone, I would contribute into what ever tests they were doing on my clone as they did with me, no matter what, and as I have stated before I wouldn't do anything unless my clone had a choice to have that kind of life, and was treated like a human being.


  51. 1.) If a human was cloned one would need to determine if it had it's own soul. I don't believe it is a person's right to judge whether something is sentient (I think I spelled that right...) or not. We would have to decide if the clone should have rights or not. Yea...
    2.) I think a "clone" would only be a replica of one's physical self not a personality so it would be like a twin or an offspring. If there is a law against taking life, there should be a law against messing with/creating it. Plus we don't need to add to the population either.
    3.) Yes, I think there are some places you just shouldn't go.
    4.) Me thinks not :)

  52. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?
    No because if theres no scientific benefit, that would be increasing the polulation. Something we don't need. Everyone will eventually want to clone their dead loved one even though it won't be the same.

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans? Its not the same person and it messing with the circle of life. Eventually, if cloning becomes popular amungst citizens, the world will be total chaos.

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton? Not nessesarly. as long as cloning stays in science for scientific discoveries and benefits the community.

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?
    Absolutly not! i don't believe that cloning people for personal happiness would benefit us. i would never clone myself because i don't there to be 2 of me (:

  53. 1)No.
    2)The ethical consequenses in cloning a human are first of all a human has a natuarl instinct to have a purpose. If we simply cloned a human for science their purpose would be unclear to them. And second of all I don't think there are any things worth while that we could gain from cloning a human.
    3)Yes we should stop funding reaserch for cloning because there are more important issues to be dealt with and cloning research is just a waste of money.

  54. 1)NO
    2)Cause I think that people should be happy just the way because God made us like this for a reason.
    3)The money people put in for cloning i think they should do better things with the money.

  55. 1. No its too risky and I don't see a purpose for it.
    2. I believe it is unethical to clone humans and animals because we are not God and do not have the right to create. I believe that in cloning we are telling God that we can be equal with Him and I think that is wrong.
    3. Yes, because it's wasting money.
    4. No, because it just wouldn't be me.

  56. 1.Having a strong interest in the subject of biology.. Messing wtih DNA and ""playing God" definitely has its setbacks and downfalls. Anytime you mess with dna, unfortunate things can happen. i think that cloning should only be allowed for organs

    2.i beleive it is unethical to clone humans or animals, for experimentation. All biotic factors are living and should be treated with dignity and respect. animal cruelty and experimentation is wrong.

    3. i think that funding should only be allowed for organs.

    4. I wouldn't ever have a clone because the word individuality would have lost its meaning?

  57. 1. no, i def dont thing that its even a good idea to clone a human because people can really become freaked out of that kind of stuff.
    2. im just not sure what we could gain if we did clone a human.
    3. theres really more important things to be worried abou in this world than cloning. really? its kindof lame if you ask me.
    4.i would never clone myself. that would be dangerious.

  58. 1.) No just let life take it's course.
    2.)A human has a natural instinct to have a purpose here.
    3.)Yes we should stop fnding research for cloning because it's a waste of time and money.

  59. 1.) No, I think we should just let things go as they have been for many of years now.
    2.)I think it is wrong to mess with human nature.
    3.)Yes, because they are wasting time and money on something that is pointless.
    4.)I would not consider cloning myself, because I would rather just have kids.

  60. i dont think that people should clone other people because that wuld be just creppy! there would be to many of the same person and then the world would be thrown way off! yes because hes dead and thats how its suposed to be!NOOOOO because one tiffany is enough for a life time and i would get to aggervaited with the clone!

  61. we should clone humans cause if i had cancer then i would wish i had spare parts. the govenment should keep funding this program.

  62. 1.) i dont think we should clone humans or animals
    2.) if we could clone humans then there would be no point in having children and it would screw up the natural process of humanity
    3.) they deffinently need to quit funding whoever does the cloning :)
    4.) i would consider cloning myself but thats only because im SEXY duhhh

  63. no i don't think we should clone humans, but i'm not really opposed to it because in some cases it could help like using your clone to replace a lost body part or something.
    I don't think the gov should complety stop funding this but I can't help but think that there are way more inportant thibgs to fund like cancer research.
    also I would most likly not clone myself, It would kind of weird me out.

  64. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human?

    that is a hard question to answer. Our Ethics as human beings suggest that it is not a reasonable thing to do, nor a responsible one.
    It would be interesting for sure and it may even have some medical benefits (I'm all for cloning organs, but to actually clone an entire human would most likely cause turmoil within society. Not to mention any wars that the nations on earth were involved in would become totally out of control. our planet would be ravaged with constant battle because countries on both sides could just make more clones to catch bullets. it just wouldn't be the most responsible thing to do. I'm open to any possibility but an idea is exactly that, an idea. Once you put that idea into action, there's potential for all hell to break loose.

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans?

    Ethics must play a major role in the descisions made by society. Otherwise, mass chaos would probably be induced. Why? Because an unethical descision made by the government is going to have opposition from a lot of the population and the government will have to decide what actions to take to follow the constitutional rights of the people. When the government enforces all the nations descisions without the opinion of the people, that's called communism. Thats a no no. Therefore, Ethics based on the feelings of the people must be addressed in every national descision, even those such as cloning humans and animals.

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton?

    I personally do not think so. Like i said before, cloning may still have its medical benefits. Organ and tissue reproduction are two major opportunities for cloning to become successful.

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself?

    For anything other than medical purposes? No.
    There is to much that can go very very wrong.

  65. 1.) yes we should attempt to clone humans
    2.)some people think cloning is playing god. they suck and theyre wrong
    3.)no..the government should fund the research. its something that will have to be done eventually anyway
    4.)i would for sure clone myself. that would be awesome

  66. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human? - no way jose!!! not like anyone's really going to be up for it considering its too dangerous

    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans? - "Study of her cells also revealed that the very small amount of DNA outside the nucleus, in the mitochondria of the cells, is all inherited from the donor egg cell, not from the donor nucleus like the rest of her DNA. So she is not a completely identical copy. This finding could be important for sex-linked diseases such as haemophilia, and certain neuromuscular, brain and kidney conditions that are passed on through the mother's side of the family only." ummm hello!

    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton? - only because i persoinally think its unnecessary

    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself? - if i got careless enough, why not

  67. 1.) No, I don't think we should attempt to clone human beings. It's completely unethical. It's unfair, and unnatural.

    2.) It's just straight up not right. So many things could go wrong with the clone.

    3.) Yes, they should stop.

    4.) No, I would not consider cloning myself. That's what reproduction is for.

  68. 1.) i think they should clone humans or a human. its only a biological copy not the same personality so i say why not.
    2.)the only problem may be intencifying flaws like mental handicap or other things but this is why we should keep working to make it better. i dont believe its "playing god."
    3.)i dont believe the government should stop funding for cloning. i think its useful medicly and scientificly.
    4.)i as of now wouldnt consider cloning myself. maybe when i was a baby so i could have some form of a twin. that'd be cool. xD but now that my clone would be 16 years younger then me i dont see any use for it.

  69. I don't beleive in cloneing anything, animals or people. I fee as though everything is one of a kind and only happens once. I feel that god made things they way he wanted them and if we were ment to copyed then we would have been able to asexualy reproduce. Some animals can asexualy reproduce by nature, but not others, if people or other animals should be copyed we would have been born with asexualy reproduce abilitys, but we wernt, and that enough for me.

  70. This Is Late Sorry,
    Personally I Think That If God Wanted More Than One Of A Person On Earth He Wouldve Made Everybody have a Twin and Twins Would Have Twins And So On And So Forth. I Dont Believe We Should Have clones while that may have been a tad religious its true or at least in my beliefs. What would happen if the clone is evil then we have the evil us that ends up robbing a bank and we end up in jail. That Would Suck Alot lol

  71. 1.) Should we attempt to clone a human? Nah
    2.)What are the ethical considerations of cloning animals and humans? If we ever did succeed, what would happen if they had the same mind as some people? Say murders or criminals? Thats double the violence. Also, its just really unethical. While it would be amazing. Your creating 2 of something and that doesnt make it its own being or person. Therefor its unethical. Sorry.
    3.)Should the U.S. government stop funding basic research into cloning as proposed by President Clinton? Yes.
    4.)Would you consider cloning yourself? no

  72. 1.I dont think we should atempt to clone anything its not our place to creat life.
    2.Each person has there on personality and sole if u clone someone would they shear soles or would the clone not have one at all?
    3.I think they should quit funding it but the government does what they wont and thers no stoping them.
    4.I wouldnt clone myself i dont wont another me running around.

  73. 1.)I wouldnt mind cloning humans as long as the clone would know how to act like a human and not like kill people
    2.)some peole belive that cloning would be like playing God so they are against it and some people dont care and would want us to clone humans and animals. If God didnt want us to be able to clone people or animals, then he wouldnt have gave us the knowlege of knowing how to clone
    3.)I dont care as long as they arent taking alot of money from us. if they are getting no where with the research then they shouldnt keep tring to clone
    4.)if you clone me and the clone turns out exactly like me then i prolly wouldnt care, but if its personallity and beliefs were different then i wouldnt want to clone me

  74. 1) if they are going to clone a human do it to a person that needs an organ or something not just doing it to do it.
    2)Some people say the whole its playing god thing and some are all for it
    3)no let them perfect the system
    4)no i wouldnt

  75. 1. I think we shouldn't clone due to its a step bakward in our reproduction.
    2. I think cloning animals is OK they can be used to end hunger. Humans well two things: one maybe only if human clones were to be used as soldiers(like in star wars) two: my opinon no human should be cloned to be used for your own gain
    3. No science should stop being researched so no
    4. Depends on how much I get paid